Chef To Be  

In association with talonX, Glynt Products and SAIT Culinary, the Fine Food Stop is proud to present Calgary's most lethal blackbox cooking competition; Chef to Be. Each year the Fine Food Stop brings together six of the finest restaurants in Calgary to compete with their apprentices and the goal of being crowned Calgary's next 'Chef to Be' along with a multitude of other prizes, perks and surprises.
Chef to Be is Calgary's unique chef + student cooking competition where six chefs and their students from SAIT pair off to duel each other in a black box kitchen event to serve 300 small bite plates to the crowd and a panel of expert judges. The fundraiser includes a SAIT scholarship, silent auction and a multitude of other surprises taking place over the night.
For info and tickets please visit or contact us directly.

Event #2 

This will be a cool event.
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Calgary, AB

Event #3 

This will be a cool event too.
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Calgary, AB